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  • Can you not feel that powerful draw that she has? he enunciated every syllable slowly as if tasting them.
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    He walked away, leaving the table shrouded in momentary silence. You d think he was posing for a photo spread in a fashion magazine.
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    Last night she felt for the first time what it was like to be with a man and it exceeded any thought that she d ever had on the subject. She s got the look of a viper in her eyes.

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    She had done her part to be the proper noble daughter for the day, but her patience had been taxed. He didn t miss the sarcasm, I have nothing to hide.

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  • He looked down at her then back up at Dirk.
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  • He was trying to cushion her for his next words. Jason knew they were a sight to behold as they made their way through the club.

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    We d better get dressed. maybe it would have been easier if we called first Ted s voice trailed off. At last, Kenley looked away from Charlotte, and as he did, she nearly stumbled.
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  • Move out of the way, the man on the other wagon barked at her. Tanya was curious also and stood to see what she d gotten.
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  • To her relief he stopped several 148 Immortal Promise: A Vampire Love Story feet from her. It seemed so real that they still tingled as did the rest of her from the memory of his touch.

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  • There s no way I m going to marry her!
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  • Charlotte stood in Reilly's bedchamber on the second floor, watching James and her mother speaking in quiet counsel in the front yard.
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  • He managed to smile tenderly at her, I can t help it.

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  • She recognized a few people from some of her classes. She stood there speechless on wobbly legs, with her face tilted toward him and eyes closed for at least a full two minutes before her lashes fluttered and she remembered where she was and what he wanted to do for her.
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  • Your mother and father are waiting, and you have guests.
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    One of Valear s slaps definitely stung and would have probably crushed bone in a mortal.

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